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Hana is a game designer born and raised in Los Angeles, CA specializing in narrative design, open worlds, and environmental storytelling.

Her work often includes fish and bubbles!


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Muttering Rain, 2024

A horror survival game made for the Themed Horror Game Jam 2024, which took place from January 11th - February 20th 2024.
Take up the rain mantle of Jamie the radio operator, watching the world around them fall into anarchy from their remote posting in the woods. Learn who to trust and how to survive in this thrilling survival game by Team Mutterhorn!

Theme: State of Anarchy
︎︎︎ Mass Hysteria: Mass groups calling in to talk about the panic and killing show a world at it’s knees. 
︎︎︎ Menacing Masks: The creatures in this game steal the bodies of those who come into contact with them, pupeteering them to sabotage you.
︎︎︎ City in Chaos: Seeing the urban visage from a distance allows you to see and hear what’s going on while still being (relatively) safe.

︎︎︎ Maintain a barely-functional remote radio station that becomes crucial to humanity’s survival.
︎︎︎ Navigate a hand-crafted level during a span of five days.
︎︎︎ Listen to you callers’ descent into madness.
︎︎︎ Use your trusty flashlight to scare off the less friendly visitors.
︎︎︎ Decide who to let in and who to refuse.
︎︎︎ Hear the tension in a unique soundtrack that reflects the unraveling threads of society.
︎︎︎ Most importantly, come an join us in the rain. You’ll be glad you did.

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